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Welcome to Montreal Dealer Services

As agents with access to both ADESA and MANHEIM auto auctions and based here in the Montreal area our services were created to compliment the condition reports issued by the auction house.

How many times have you purchased a vehicle on line though one of the auction houses,received the vehicle after a post sale inspection,and been disappointed that there was not a better assesment of the general vehicle appearance,be it cleanliness,smell or other non arbitratable issue.

We know its happened,because its happened to us as well.....our service is to become your local tire kicker,we will look over the vehicle and condition report,see the vehicle personally,start it,sit in itturn the knobs and operate the windows and A/C,same as you would if you were able to attend the auction in person.

Once this is done we will return to you via email our checklist and most importantly our impressions and notes on the subject vehicle,perhaps allowing you to make a stronger bid for the vehicle orаsimply saving you just a little bit of griefа in selecting the wrong car or truck.

Think of this as the extra assurance that you are buying the quality of vehicle you expect for your front line inventory